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The Best Interior Door Colors for Your Home Design Style

Choosing your interior door color is no longer a decision between choosing a shade of white or stain. Painted interior doors in a variety of colors are trending coast to coast. Interior doors in colors that blend in with the rest of the home are a tried and true option. However, your home design style may dictate the perfect setting for statement door colors. How do you know what color is right for your home?



Cottage style interior design is all about comfort and togetherness. Inspired by the charm of homes in the English countryside, nothing evokes a sense of coziness like a cottage style home. Grays and shades of beige are popular in cottage style interiors for their ability to complement existing natural elements like exposed brick and stone. These neutral colors are also a perfect backdrop for introducing patterns into your home, a popular interior décor trend for cottage style homes.

The Best Cottage Style Interior Door Paint Colors: Waudena Millwork's Flannel Gray or Crumb Cake



Rooted in rustic country charm, farmhouse style interiors evoke a wonderful sense of togetherness. This design style gives your home a laid-back but polished vibe. Painted interior doors can really pull this look together for you. Not only do they help maintain a beautiful flow from to room, they also lend to that lived-in farmhouse feel. Farmhouse style interiors generally utilize neutral color palettes – making whites, grays and creams great options for interior doors.

The Best Farmhouse Style Interior Door Paint Colors: Waudena Millwork's Oxford White, Horizon Gray or Hearth Stone



Modern style homes tend to have expansive windows resulting in abundant natural light. This makes them perfect for darker colored interior doors. Black interior doors are flooding interior design blogs and magazines and homeowners love them for ability to add an effortless luxe look to modern style homes. Another popular choice is a rich shade of blue. First popular for kitchen cabinetry, blue is now making its way to modern style interior doors.

Looking to keep your modern home's interior light and bright? White is always a good choice for interior doors. When choosing the perfect shade of white for your interior doors, be sure to take other finishes like countertops and floors into consideration to find the perfect complementary color.

The Best Modern Style Interior Door Paint Colors: Waudena Millwork's Symphony, Heritage Blue, or Shiplap White



Classic or traditional style homes, such as colonial, give the feeling of comfortable, lived-in elegance. High ceilings, thick trim and moldings and little pieces of history in every corner make these homes absolute charmers. With all the detail, it can be hard to choose a direction for your interior door color. You want to choose a color that reflects the time period of the home but also pleases today's interior design tastes. For a neutral approach, look for taupe hues, which are mix of brown and gray, as they tend to coordinate easily with existing woodwork. If you're looking to add color to your traditional interior, consider choosing a sophisticated red. Red truly is timeless and add warmth and character to your home.

The Best Traditional Style Interior Door Paint Colors: Waudena Millwork's Homespun or Ruby Red

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